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As Travel Designers of Cultural Trails, we have been guiding and exploring every corner of Turkey since 1989. Taking millions of steps and with over 16 years of experience we have met thousands of travellers as our clients and shared our rich and fascinating culture with them. Our experience in Tourism incorporates both our academic and fieldwork researches. Showing a sensitive approach to the needs and expectations of our guests is our primary concern.
We are aware of the fact that in an age of mass tourism, everyone sets off to see the same things, and that is why Cultural Trails was founded to make a difference in travelling. Therefore, we design distinctive itineraries, the best routes and the correct modes of travel for our clients, considering their interests. Our tours either tailor-made or already set up for groups, have tasteful originality that reflects the love of sharing our travel passion and enables one to discover the treasures of Turkey, the amazing land full of fascinating people, cultures and landscapes.


She studied Linguistics, Archaeology and History of Art. After completing her MA in Archaeology and History of Art, she continued with PhD classes for two years. While she was doing her academic studies she continued to work as a professional tour guide. Since 1991, she has been guiding throughout Turkey and giving lectures on Archaeology, Art, History and Ethnography. Her multi-disciplinary background is combined with her field studies and present life observations have made her an excellent expert on her native country. Being our senior trip leader, she loves to share her knowledge and brings the past alive. Her talks take you into the mystique of the past and beauties of today. She loves to research and write. She speaks English and Italian fluently and can read ancient Greek and Latin.
Her journeys in her native country  have become an engaging and fascinating mix of history and travel through Cultural Trails.